14 February 2011

conversations and invitations

I have been asking people here, where I am living, what they might like to talk about together. Something that is not apparent from the writing here is that the things I am writing about are part of a situated conversation taking place with the people here and elsewhere. We are talking together about these things, though the writing of it this way can make it seem otherwise. We are are practicing these things together in a loose way. Other things come up in the process of that and I write about those things, when I am able, based on that conversation and practice, over time. I have the gently held intention to post a couple of times a week, 10 a month or something of the sort. That may or may not happen.

I have noticed that there are now people from about 15 countries reading "I Felt Hat." Some of these are people I know, perhaps even reading from multiple locations. Some I feel, are people I have not met. In any case I want to extend a more direct invitation to anyone reading this, whether I have met you or not. I would like to understand more clearly how you feel that such an effort as this might serve you and why you are taking precious time from your life to read it. I cannot promise to be useful in anyway, or even responsive to that in some particular sense. I would like to be learning together, if that is possible. I also have some idea what it must take to read my writing, since I have been told about this frequently. I am grateful to anyone taking the time to do so and hope the endeavor is of service in some way.

If you have some question or area of inquiry I would invite you to introduce it. It is my belief that this would serve us all, even if I fail to write anything useful about it. Please feel free to use the comments to interact with one another, though I recognize this medium is not the most fluent for that and you certainly do not require my permission or invitation to do these things should you feel so moved. Please feel free to leave a comment or email me directly. If anyone has something they would like to offer as a guest writer, please let me know.

People have recently requested conversations on:
- saying 'no'
- transparency (integration of internal and external conversations, containers, etc.)
- I think I already responded to the question about the role of techné in several places (whether usefully or not, is another question)

At the moment I am already thinking and writing about several things. I can never tell if I will be able to write anything coherent or overcome my resistance to publishing the pretended coherency...
- emergence and emergency
- mental models (frames and framing)
- the oracular
- experiment design and practice (e.g. fasting the habits and identity associated with participation in consumption based social contracts, localized action based on emergence and self-organization, specific 'change' cases, etc.)
- structural tension
- expectation and offense
- 'containers' and 'container building'
- conflict and 'conflict resolution'
- reflections on situated moments of practice
- self-organization
- 'facilitation'
- roles and scale
- resilience
- utopia and dystopia as frames (the structural nature of idealized solutions)
- etc.

If you feel you would like to emphasize something here or explore something else, please let me know.

Thank you again, if you have taken the time to read, think about, or act on any of this.

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  1. I have an ongoing question about emotional pain and suffering (or even joy and elation). I am wondering if it is at all useful to help us develop meaning or is it a self-created (self-centered) phenomenon that is really just a habitual activity needing to be broken.