Please feel free to email me at: ifelthat@gmail.com I Felt Hat is really meant as no more than a tentative reflective space. The name itself is a kind of semiotic play. The posts contained include things I have written in the past for particular people, my own ongoing process of reflection, and reflection on that process. I am not trying to 'monetize' or profit in anyway from the writing contained here. I do not 'own' the ideas or processes explored here in any way. I am not claiming expertise, ownership or authority about anything. I will say that if you find something you encounter here interesting and want to use it in some context of profit or return, it might be good to contact me in order to explore the sources of what you are thinking of using, in so far as I understand them. I am writing these things here, but I do not imagine myself as the 'source' of these contemplated things in any way. I hope you enjoy the endeavor here and feel free to participate and comment, should you be so moved. - roger