A Non-Bio

A life looks different ways, depending on the moment and place of our contemplation of that life, it seems to me. I have never been able to write a bio that reflects this. I often seem to understand my own life in ways that are 'non-linear' and have more to do with situational navigation than a grid based understanding of conditional reality. From my point of view my life seems to have changed in some fundamental way every five years or so. At least there is a pretty persuasive story to be told about that. In between those fundamental sorts of change, there seem to have been these fuzzy, liminal periods in which all sorts of very diverse things might be happening. The borders of all this liminality are not clear, so sometimes many things seem to be happening at once. In that process I have had many types of employment and unemployment. I have studied, partially studied, practiced and failed to practice what also seem to me many different things. All of this has taken place across 40+ countries on literally every continent. At this point I have to say it feels more like the fuzzy liminal areas are the consistent theme, briefly punctuated by some pretended coherence, something like a multi-variable chaos plot.

I think sometimes I might read someone's bio to figure out something about who they are, and therefore how I might listen to or read what they are saying. For several years my only business card included the lines "Aspiring Tenor and Intinerant Fool." I was using this card with all sorts of large organizations, senior executives, government officials, etc. It was printed from a business card kiosk in a Paris Metro station. The card was a great 'qualifying' mechanism, since if reader could not get past this, they were not likely a 'client.' This can be challenging in other contexts. I do not have or participate in most of the societal and institutional sorts of affiliations that allow us to locate one another. My Chinese friends will sometimes seek to solve this for me, since they feel I must suffer something about it. I am not meaning to write a bio of that 'qualifying' sort, but I feel "I Felt Hat" in general might be a bit like that, without having set out to make it so. There are a couple of corporate bio's for me wandering around on the net that I wrote with intention of serving the organizations where they are posted than to holistically represent something about me. ifelthat@gmail.com